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Chainsaw is a powerful digital oscillator designed to bring polyphony to your rack in a compact and playable interface. We were inspired by the super-saw; a mainstay of electronic music production, and a waveform rich with harmonics for filters and effects to chew on. Chainsaw features 3 voices of 7 waves, with individual pitch control per voice. All waves morph from super saw to super square for giant hollow basslines and more.



35mm deep

110 mA on +12V, 10 mA on -12V, 0 mA on +5V


Chainsaw Manual


Chainsaw Firmware Update Procedure

Firmware V1.1 fixes pitch tracking issues some units may experience.  If you purchased your Chainsaw after March 2020, no update should be necessary.

1) Download Chainsaw Firmware V1.1 .WAV file

2) Connect a patch cable from the headphone output of your computer to the bottom left (v/o 3) input of your Chainsaw

3) When powering up your rack, hold down the encoder button on the Chainsaw.  The note light should be blinking slowly
4) Play the .WAV file - both LEDs on the Chainsaw should begin to blink rapidly.  If you make it all the way through the wav file, the LEDs will stop blinking rapidly and the note LED will be lit constantly, signaling the Chainsaw is back to normal operation with the new firmware installed. 
Unfortunately, this audio boot loading process can be really finicky.  If the note light starts blinking slowly again before you finish the WAV file, turn off your case, and try again from step 3.  You might need to play with the headphone output volume of the WAV file, and this can take several tries to get right.  If you are persistent and patient it will eventually work!
Please email us at if you have trouble updating the firmware