Introducing Switchblade

Switchblade is a compact 3 channel switch and mixer.  Each channel can be set to switch between or combine two channels of CV or audio with either latching or momentary operation.  Each channel can be controlled with a trigger (latching) or gate (momentary) or their respective button during live performance.  We designed this module to be a great companion for the trigger, gate, CV and audio sources in your rack.  

Switch or Mix

Pressing a channel's button switches between the two inputs - indicated by a red or green LED.  If you press and hold a channel's button, the functionality changes to a DC coupled unity gain mixer.  In mix mode the button mutes and unmutes the mix output - indicated by and orange or off LED.

Red / Green LED = Switch

Orange / Off LED = Mixer/Mute

NOTE: Switchblade switches and mixes from two inputs to one output (per channel).  It is not a bi-directional switch.