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Maestro is a 6 channel clocked modulation controller inspired by the automation lanes found in digital audio workstation software, brought into eurorack and made playable and performable. Maestro will push and pull the parameters of your other modules with rapid or slowly evolving voltages, always in perfect sync with eachother and the rest of your system.

Maestro features:

- 6 channels of live switchable looping/one shot waveforms
- A clock system that keeps all waveforms in sync, even when switching them manually in a live performance setting. Maestro keeps track of the number of clock pulses elapsed since the last reset and synchronizes the phase of all channel waveform outputs together
- Internal or external clocking to sync with any modular gear
- A "Chain" function that allows different waveforms to be sequentially played to form complex, evolving streams of control voltage
- A "One Shot" function that turns any channel of Maestro into a complex CV generator, following the rhythm of an external gate or trigger
- Instantly recallable save and load slots from the uSD card cached in internal memory. You can save and recall entire module state or individual channel settings to perform dramatic changes to Maestro's output without missing a beat



25mm deep

65mA on +12, 18mA on -12, 0mA on 5V


Maestro Reference Guide (updated March 19, 2021)

Maestro Manual Firmware V1.2 (updated August 17, 2021)